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How To Add Volume To Your Hair | Big Hair Tips

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Feeling hot tooday??? might i suggest making one of these!!!

Starbucks Refreshers - Orange

So fresh, so simple and yet so delicious :)Β 

This evenings sky πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š #nofilter #sunset

This evenings sky πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š #nofilter #sunset

Check out my Idol looking beyond GORGEOUS in her new video teaser for #ComeAlive

Love you Paris.

So excited to see the full version.


GIANT COUSCOUS πŸ‘Ή #pretty #Food #Pearls #Giant

GIANT COUSCOUS πŸ‘Ή #pretty #Food #Pearls #Giant

But first… Let me take a snailfie 🐌 #Selfie #Snailfie

But first… Let me take a snailfie 🐌 #Selfie #Snailfie

100 days - 100 vines


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I thought it would be fun to set myself a challenge to utilise my Vine account and Β ”100 Days = 100 Vines” is what happened.Β 

The challenge ran from 15 March 2014 until 23 June 2014


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