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FENDI inspired Bag Bug

Materials -  felt, scissors, fabric glue, craft eyes, faux fur pom pom. Step 1 - I drafted some designs of how i wanted my monsters face to appear. Step 2 - Using your desired design cut out your monsters face from the felt. Step 5 - Work out where you want the face to appear! Again, remember to take your time, you have once attempt. Step 3 - Using the fabric glue, stick down and create the face. (Remember to take your time, you want this to look good) Step 4 - Once the glue on the front has dried cover the back of the design. Step 6 - Use whatever you can to hold the design in place. I found that opening a pair of scissors helped to hold down each side until the glue dried. Original Fendi Bag Bugs

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram (and on here) you will know that i am some what obsessed with Fendi’s latest accessory! 

'Bag Bugs', 'Monster Bugs', 'Monster Charms', call them what you will, these not so little critters have become a must have in the celeb world, and can often be seen swinging from bags, car keys and jean pockets.

With a price tag of £450, i myself can only dream of adopting one, and so being the crafty, arty kinda person that i am decided to DIY my own… 

I love the end result, and best of all it only cost me £10.00 

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below and if you decide to make your own inspired bag bug - tweet me @officialluke.

Peace xox

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DIY Sweet and Salty Rolo RITZ Treats

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x1 Box of Original RITZ Crackers 
x1 Bag of Rolo’s (Share Size)

Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for 4 minutes ___________________________________

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Good luck!!!

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Feeling hot tooday??? might i suggest making one of these!!!

Starbucks Refreshers - Orange

So fresh, so simple and yet so delicious :) 

Check out my Idol looking beyond GORGEOUS in her new video teaser for #ComeAlive

Love you Paris.

So excited to see the full version.


100 days - 100 vines


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I thought it would be fun to set myself a challenge to utilise my Vine account and  ”100 Days = 100 Vines” is what happened. 

The challenge ran from 15 March 2014 until 23 June 2014


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